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All students in Indiana must take a waiver test (Drive Test); Behind The Wheel may administer the drive test to its students after the student has completed either the BTW online instruction or an alternate accredited instruction program and the driving portion with an average grade of 80% or above in both as required by the State of Indiana. Students have the option to take the drive test at Behind The Wheel or at the BMV; Behind The Wheel charges $35.00 (unless you have prepaid for the test by purchasing the Premier Program) and does drive tests by appointment only. The drive test at the BMV is free; however, you must provide your own car (which will be inspected for safety) and you must make an appointment with the BMV examiner. If the student's last name is different than the person paying for the drive test, please list the student's name in the Special Instructions section when you pay.

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Drive Test

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