Online Course Only - No drives included
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Get Started For $99.00.  This program includes the necessary paperwork to obtain your learner's permit and allows you to do the 30-hour online instruction program. The $99 fee must be paid in full to be accepted into the program and receive the paperwork. To receive your license at age 16 and 90 days, you will still need to do 6 hours of driving with an accredited driving school.  An additional fee of $300.00 will be required to complete the 6 1-hour drives with Behind The Wheel; you may make installment payments, but no drives will be scheduled until the $300.00 is paid in full. Please note that Behind The Wheel offers other program options that include the driving portion and will save you money on the total price!


Be sure to register for the program before making a payment; and if the student's last name is different than the person purchasing the program, please list the student's name in the Notes section when you pay.

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Online Course Only - No drives included

Price: $99.00
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