Premier Package - Online Course, Six 1-Hour Drives & Drive Test
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The Premier Program includes necessary permit paperwork, online classroom instruction, 6 1-hour drives, and drive test done by Behind The Wheel (Indiana mandates that the student must average 80% in both the online classroom and driving portion in order for BTW to administer the drive test.) Installment payments may be made but you will not be accepted into the program and paperwork will not be provided until the entire $389.00 fee has been paid in full. Be sure to register for the program before making a payment; and if the student's last name is different from the person paying, please list the student's name in the Special Instructions box. You will not be able to access the program until enrollment is completed by Behind The Wheel; payments made by 4:00 pm Monday-Friday are processed the same day; after hours and on weekends, payments are processed the next business day. 


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Premier Package - Online Course, Six 1-Hour Drives & Drive Test

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